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Cotton Tablecloth Coffee Table Cover

To improve the appearance of the coffee table, and make tea drinking a special atmosphere and protect the surface from scratches countertop correct serving is not always enough. Make a festive and elegant table will help of coffee table cover: tablecloths, runners and napkins.

The table can be covered with a cloth: the average smoothed down fold it must pass through the center of the length of the table, and the point of intersection of the folds fall to the center of the table. Angles of tablecloth table legs should cover at least 25 cm, but not below the chair seat. Tablecloth, dropped less looks ugly, and hanging too low brings inconvenience.

Interesting Coffee Table Cover

On the table (and it can be a coffee table) it’s not necessarily lay the coffee table cover. Under the dishes enclose wipes or special supports. If you take the guests in the kitchen, the table can be covered with oilcloth, which is very convenient and hygienic – it is easy to remove stains. Tables covered with plastic, in oilcloth tablecloths and do not need. Not recommended, taking guests to cover the table with plastic tablecloth. For tea or coffee table, on the contrary, it should pick up the tablecloth, preferably colored or plaid. Choice of color of coffee table cover depends on the general color scheme of the interior. Considering style of kitchen or dining room, colors and mood, which should “bear” room – choose the color and pattern. Color tablecloths can overlap with other textiles in the dining room or kitchen – with curtains, cushions, kitchen accessories.

Napkins are an essential complement to the tablecloths and runners. Usually, they are sold in the final set with a cloth, usually the same color or tone, at least – the contrast. If the napkin folded in an original way, they can become an ornament to the table and give an extra serving of glamor. Coffee table cover most commonly used square or rectangular cloth, and made of natural fabrics: linen, cotton and silk plant. It is not necessary to lay on the table ornate tablecloth, if the table is covered “for himself”, we can restrict napkins under the plate.

Cover for Round Coffee Table

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Cotton Tablecloth Coffee Table CoverTablecloth Coffee Table CoverSelfmade Napkins as Coffee Table CoverInteresting Coffee Table CoverTraditional Coffee Table CoverPolyester Tablecloth Coffee Table CoverElegant Runner Coffee Table CoverFun Coffee Table CoverCoffee Table Cover TableclothNapkin as Coffee Table CoverCover for Round Coffee TableBrown Runner as Coffee Table Cover

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