Apothecary Table

Painted Apothecary Table

In addition to fact, that apothecary coffee table can be a very nice accent the interior, he is also an indispensable, functional keeper of things. It’s quite an old piece of furniture, which is considered to be an improved version of the table. Most often chests are located in the living room, because here are stored books, but can be used for interior virtually any room (nursery, lounge, cabinet). If we supplement the dresser mirror, it will be an excellent alternative to the dressing table, where you can store a variety of cosmetics and direct beauty.

Original and cute look apothecary coffee table with many small chests of drawers, especially their indispensability appreciate needlewoman, artists, for whom it will be a necessity. Unfortunately, in our stores can hardly find interesting options; sure, there are real masterpieces at flea markets or antique stores. In contrast to the usual for us all standard cabinets have drawers is a set of drawers, where your stuff is always available, sorted and do not mix with other things.

High Apothecary Table

The original was a dresser drawer in the legs, but after quite some time, a apothecary coffee table became known as an element of furniture that contains several drawers of equal size. In modern versions of apothecary coffee tables, we can meet as the presence of doors, both hinged and sliding. However, the hallmark of such tables and a huge advantage is precisely the presence of several drawers, one above the other.

12 Photos of the Apothecary Table

Apothecary Table with Long DrawersApothecary Style Table with StorageSmall Apothecary TableTraditional Apothecary TablePainted Apothecary TableCoffee Table with Apothecary DrawersLarge Apothecary TableApothecary Design Table with Trick DrawersWood Apothecary Table with White BoxesHigh Apothecary TableApothecary Style Table with Different Size DrawersWood Apothecary Table

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