Round Oak Coffee Table

Round Oak Coffee Table with Massive Le

The round oak coffee table is a structure consisting of tabletops and bases. By type of base, there are several types of products.

  • Support feet – three or four depending on the size. Legs can be straight or interbreed.
  • Base – table tulip, held a support leg, the more massive and with a wide base for balance. This standard solution supports of glass or stone.
  • Something average between the two solutions is an option where a support plate around the perimeter holds a round oak coffee table. Such models of round oak coffee table are usually made of glass and metal, as a deaf sidebar looks solid and metal construction, usually delicate.

Wood is the easiest material to process and the most malleable. This means that the shape and construction of articles therefrom literally has no limitations. From wood and fiberboard of various kinds can be a beautiful thing with minimal skills and tools.

Round Oak Coffee Table

The main thing here is the exact observance of the proportions specified in the drawing of round oak coffee table. Last, you can create your own, or use the finished project. The easiest way to make the interior special – to make a round oak coffee table, but the truth, a little out of hemp. You can use the stump, that is, only to cut back on some height. If the product you want to make portability, the cut must be the same size on the top and bottom portion. The technology is simple: a fragment of the trunk or stump even and flat surfaces sanded and coated with a transparent polyurethane varnish. In the lower part of the stump, drill holes and fasten three or four rollers.
Not a bit harder is to make option where the stump with “roots” supports the glass tabletop. The latter is usually cut by the described procedure, and simply glued to the top of the stump.

12 Photos of the Round Oak Coffee Table

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