Cocktail Table

A very wide range of different models characterizes modern bar furniture. At the same time, this furniture can be used as a public bar furnishing and interior decoration of home kitchen facilities. In both […]

Round Coffee Table

A variety of coffee tables is so large that it is difficult to make a choice of the necessary furniture item. Round tables made of wood have a number of advantages over their counterparts […]

Pop Up Coffee Table

Pop up coffee table became especially popular in the last century due to the same type of high-rise buildings — apartments in these houses do not have enough space for the free placement of […]

French Country Coffee Table

The French interior is elegant and versatile, just like France itself. Do not confuse it with a provencal style. French style is a «city» style, while olive is rather «rustic», country. French style is […]

Overstock Coffee Table

Coffee table is a decorative and functional element of the interior. For what is it meant, and what types of coffee tables exist? This table is designed to store newspapers, magazines and various small […]

Circular Coffee Table

Don’t think that circular coffee table is a tribute to the fashion or whims of the hosts. In fact, it has an important function — to emphasize the uniqueness of the room. That is […]

Coffee Tables Galore

Today it is impossible to imagine a home interior without coffee tables galore. Previously, this table is intended solely for magazines and newspapers, but these days it is possible to find a lot more […]

Rectangular Coffee Table

Today, rectangular coffee table is very popular product. If a few years ago, such an object could only be seen near the sofa for watching TV, now its functionality is much broader. For example, […]

Coffee Tables For Small Spaces

Coffee table is an obligatory part of any soft corner. These names are derived from the functionality of this small piece of furniture. After all, it has been designed not only to store magazines […]

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Tufted ottoman coffee table, as well as imitation of tufter, doesn’t go out of fashion for a long time: we often use it in traditional upholstered furniture, on the chest, stove, utensils. It could […]

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