Contemporary Glass Coffee Table

Recently it appeared in the interior a fashionable trend — in the interior is a relatively new subject — a contemporary glass coffee table. What advantages have these tables, and why they deserved such popularity? First, pay attention to the fact that the coffee table can be made of various materials, as indeed any other furniture. Now, in accordance with the requirements imposed on all designs are much easier to avoid the feeling of space congestion.

Coffee table made of wood looks bulky. That is why now the designers prefer glass products. After all, the strength is not a factor when choosing a contemporary glass coffee table. Not so long ago on the glass furniture could dream of, because the glass — a very brittle material. In addition, the logical question arises about the safe use of such an element of the interior. The answer is simple — safe. Therefore, the furniture is manufactured using only one type of glass — tempered. The thickness of the glass used to make the coffee tables, not less than 8 millimeters. Tempered glass has a very high resistance to shock loads. This glass is not broken and can withstand considerable weight.

Modern treatment methods allow to produce glass with very smooth edges, and she worktop can be both transparent and frosted with a variety of patterns. The main function of a contemporary glass coffee table is decorative, and since they are quite small, they will not even look good in a large room. Since the glass is perfectly combined with virtually all materials, it can be perfectly «fit» in any environment. Originally looks table, not just made of glass, and with the use of shiny metal.

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