Coffee Tables Galore

Today it is impossible to imagine a home interior without coffee tables galore. Previously, this table is intended solely for magazines and newspapers, but these days it is possible to find a lot more things. You can use coffee tables galore to put a vase with fresh flowers, a variety of souvenirs, statuettes, TV remote. With the coffee table in your room you can drink tea with cookies, eat sushi, play a game of chess […]

Mission Style Coffee Table

The new trend in building interiors «Art & Kraft» is also known as the «missionary style». It is enough bold and diverse solution for your home. A distinctive feature of this trend in the creation of home decor is the ability to combine antiques with new and even contemporary details. For some, such a combination may seem harsh and intolerable, and for others it is quite interesting and original. Indeed, among the new furniture that […]

Mahogany Coffee Table

Everyone wants to furnish his home in a refined style, created to enjoy comfort and coziness. The beautiful setting is always a pleasure to rest and work. High-quality and durable furniture from Indonesia will help you to create truly luxurious interior. The country-manufacturer offers the buyers attention with light and beautiful materials such as rattan, hevea, mahogany. For years, furniture made in Indonesia, is considered one of the most durable and beautiful. It really is […]

Rectangular Coffee Table

Today, rectangular coffee table is very popular product. If a few years ago, such an object could only be seen near the sofa for watching TV, now its functionality is much broader. For example, a rectangular coffee table by height of 40 centimeters will provide a wonderful tray, which may include, for example, breakfast in bed. This table is easy to move, so it can be converted into smaller or bigger one and then transformed […]

Retro Coffee Table

It would seem, that coffee table cannot be considered substantially significant element of the furniture, but with its original, stylish design, it can be a real gem of an interior. Due to the used color scheme and concisely severe forms of the model, it looks really impressive, respectable and aesthetic. Indeed, they say that a retro coffee table was a mandatory element of the hall. It must be combined to the overall style of the […]

Coffee Tables For Small Spaces

Coffee table is an obligatory part of any soft corner. These names are derived from the functionality of this small piece of furniture. After all, it has been designed not only to store magazines or small office. It’s convenient to drink coffee or tea behind coffee table for small spaces alone with a book or an interesting television program, as well as to carry out a tea party with the guests. You should not deny […]

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Tufted ottoman coffee table, as well as imitation of tufter, doesn’t go out of fashion for a long time: we often use it in traditional upholstered furniture, on the chest, stove, utensils. It could be seen everywhere with its parallel-perpendicular lines forming squares or rhombs correctly. Now, designers of furniture practically have abandoned the traditional pattern, being engaged in the search for more sophisticated creative options. In their reinterpretation of ancient art, modern designers have […]

Upholstered coffee table

Motley Upholstered Coffee Table
Motley Upholstered Coffee TableGrey Upholstered Coffee TableBrown Upholstered Coffee TableRound Upholstered Coffee Table

There are several things that determine the style of living and set the tone for the rest of the rooms in the house. They are sofa, chairs and coffee table. Sometimes the choice of furniture for recreation areas in the living room is very time-consuming. Furniture that you will choose will serve for many years, and must be of good quality. We consider non-standard approach to furnish living room, where the coffee table is selected […]

Drop Leaf Coffee Table

Before you buy a drop leaf coffee table it’s necessary to determine the size of it. The price of quality furniture depends on many factors, but in order to buy a sliding, folding kitchen table and at a desired value, it is necessary to contact shop managers to make selection easier and more effective. Drop leaf coffee tables can be quickly turned from compact models into full-fledged big tables. Such tables are called transformers; they […]

Unusual Coffee Table

Modern designers are trying their every creation as much as possible to capture the imagination. Here are some ideas for the design of modern and unusual coffee tables. It’s hard to tell which piece of furniture was awarded the first of the name «coffee table», where, when and by whom it was invented, but most people have this piece of furniture is associated with the brand Noguchi. For the first time in 1944, this unusual […]

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