Pine Coffee Table

Each house is equipped with furniture of different styles, from country to modern. However, not every interior boasts of having small raisins such as a coffee table. Many people consider it as the main subject of design, and someone uses it functionally. Pine coffee table will give your interior even greater comfort, and thanks to its small size it can be placed anywhere. For romantics and lovers of dining by candlelight ideal option would be […]

Pedestal Coffee Table

Coffee table is always a flight of fancy. There is virtually no restrictions on how the coffee table should look like, what design, shape, height and size it should have. This greatly simplifies the task, the main thing is that this piece of furniture need to fit harmoniously into the overall design of the room. However, many people want the coffee table was an original, exclusive, unique element of the interior. It is not necessary […]

Ottoman Coffee Table Tray

We are going to take a bedroom-serving table on wheels with removable tabletop, which you can have breakfast at the same time. For greater convenience, many models are equipped with devices for placing the bottles of wine, glasses, instruments, etc. Ottoman coffee table tray with sliding trays is very convenient. In addition, your breakfast will take place with a special style on the table with a growing red silk rose in the middle. The material […]

Oversized Coffee Table

In today’s market there is a huge variety of different designs of coffee tables, so to choose one is not a problem. However, something common unites them. For example, the height is usually in the range from 40 to 50 cm, thus, the higher it is, the smaller the table itself, means worktop and vice versa, the lower the height, the greater the table. Although, no doubt, there are exceptions to the rule — a […]

Living Room Coffee Table

Living room is the soul of any home, and filling the room says it tastes, hobbies and preferences of owners. By setting can tell a lot about the hosts. Many want their interior was original and unique. To achieve this, it is sufficient to use a modern living room furniture of proven producers. Giving preference to such furniture, you have many options for layout and arrangement of furniture in the living room. With modular furniture, […]

Bamboo Coffee Table

In this article, we will try to perform a table made of bamboo and glass, decorating it with shells and pebbles that lie with the previous release. Since the bamboo coffee table, designed in a maritime style, is always in fashion. In addition, in the winter time to be reminded of summer days spent at sea. Bamboo is hollow grass, which can be of different types. Although you can do some kinds of bamboo furniture […]

Black Lacquer Coffee Table

Polished black lacquer coffee table is very beautiful, but self-care requires the most thorough and accurate. It is very capricious in terms — it hurts and dampness and excessive dryness, dust, heat from batteries and solar rays. From these adverse factors on the beautiful surface may appear dull spots, cracks. It can burn and warp. Therefore, you need to install this black lacquer coffee table away from the battery, where no direct sunlight. On the […]

Espresso Coffee Table

Espresso Furniture Company has made significant progress in the domestic market. Initially, the company chose a strategy works: the creation of high-quality pieces of furniture that meet world standards. By «world standards» means not only the use of high quality materials, but also giving the products refined and stylish appearance. To implement this strategy for cooperation has been very fruitful; we have been invited to design professionals who were able to develop models that meet […]

White Lacquer Coffee Table

In the selection of furniture and interior design, people pay great attention to the choice of color. The same applies to the purchase of the table for the kitchen, dining room or living room. What table would fit best in a bright interior? Universal solution for all styles and colors is white lacquer coffee table. It goes well with almost any shades of furniture, walls and floor. White table is a favorite subject of designers. […]

Black Coffee Table

Whether black coffee tables are appropriate in a building? Horror stories about the black coffee tables as a child frightened of all: someone is afraid someone laughed, but somehow, growing up, people increasingly prefer the black furniture and accessories. Why is this happening? The most important reason is that black furniture gives the status of not only the interior or the room, but also to the host. Black tree species — very rare instances that […]

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