Black Lacquer Coffee Table

Polished black lacquer coffee table is very beautiful, but self-care requires the most thorough and accurate. It is very capricious in terms — it hurts and dampness and excessive dryness, dust, heat from batteries and solar rays. From these adverse factors on the beautiful surface may appear dull spots, cracks. It can burn and warp. Therefore, you need to install this black lacquer coffee table away from the battery, where no direct sunlight.

On the shiny surface of lacquer coffee table immediately noticeable and dust and grease from your fingers, so you need to take care of it every day. Daily maintenance is reduced to wiping a dry flannel cloth or felt. You can buy special cloth with a nap and special impregnation, which perfectly remove dust and prevent its accumulation.

In no case can not be cleaned, polished surface with wet rags. From this on a smooth surface are divorces, veneer can peel off and darken the surface.
Sometimes polished furniture requires more cleaning than simply wiping with a dry cloth. Here are some ways to clean the polished furniture, without causing harm to her: You can buy a ready means. They need to wet a soft cloth and wipe the surface. After some time (about 20 minutes), you can rub the polished surface to a shine. It is also possible to use a special polishing paste. There are home remedies for the treatment of such furniture.

Try to boil a glass of beer with the addition of a piece of wax. Composition of warm even need to put on the surface of coffee table, and after cooling carefully rub woolen cloth. When there is nothing else at hand, you can just moisten a cotton swab with burdock oil (you can use and the usual vegetable) and rub them to a shine furniture. Easy to clean the black lacquer coffee table from stains sleeping bags with tea leaves wrapped in a soft cloth, and then wipe again with a cloth made of natural wool.

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