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Coffee table is a constant attribute of any room interior. He first appeared in Victorian England in 1868. Edward Godwin designed it. In spite of the height of 70 centimeters, in the history books of furniture design, he first mentioned it as coffee. There are two versions of occurrence of a low coffee table. In one — the height and shape have been borrowed in the culture of the Ottoman Empire at the time of low long tables used for tea in the gardens on hot days. The second version is associated with Japan — the culture and style of the rising sun were very popular in England in the late nineteenth century.

Coffee is called a table, the height of which does not exceed 50 cm. Normally, the longer the table, so it is below. Conversely, the greater the height of the coffee table, the smaller the area of its countertops. However, in the twenty-first century the observance of the traditional dimensions of the table — this is not a fundamental point. Some models are barely rise above the ground, the other for a few moments are transformed into high dinner tables.

By contrast, modern coffee tables come in different forms and are often used for its intended purpose, and as a stand for a vase of flowers, storage album art and just for interior decoration.

You must choose the appropriate size of your room table. Coffee table height is also important. It should be above the sofa seats 1-2 inches. The standard coffee table height of 16-18 inches, so the table is ideal to a standard sofa. If your bed above the respective height of the table is required.

Furthermore, it is important that the coffee table around allow sufficient room for the passage and for the legs. Thus, the distance between it and the bed should not be less than 1.5-foot length (average 45 cm).

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