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First, think about why you need a piece of furniture, such as large coffee table or what is missing your room, and then select a table, which would solve these problems. Before buying check the table area, which he will take in the room with duct tape to have an idea of its size and how it interacts with the surrounding pieces of furniture. If you have a very spacious room and a large coffee table, you can visually reduce the size of the table, put on the sides of the bench, ottoman, as demonstrated in this photo. When the room is crowded, you can always push them to allow visitors to walk freely around the room, but in everyday life, such as the seats are a nice visual link between the sofa on one side and chairs on the other.

If a room has two sofas or other large items of upholstered furniture, large coffee table may seem like a reasonable solution. However, you can think of in order to buy two of the same coffee table. They will distract attention from big, bulky sofas and allow room casts loose look. One of the classic size of a coffee table — 122h60 cm., so it is worth keeping this in mind if you plan how to arrange the furniture. Large coffee table, usually twice. Large coffee table must not be below or above the upholstered furniture standing around him. The average height of the table — 45 cm. (Though, again, it depends on the height of other furniture). In massive tops usually sharp angles. If you have small children, or if the room is small, the space around the table so that you can move around freely without bumping into sharp corners. Round large coffee tableoffer more freedom of movement around the room, especially if there are a lot of upholstered furniture, as in the example in the photo. If not, you can reach any place on the coffee table; make sure that the room were other serving surface.

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