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We are going to take a bedroom-serving table on wheels with removable tabletop, which you can have breakfast at the same time. For greater convenience, many models are equipped with devices for placing the bottles of wine, glasses, instruments, etc. Ottoman coffee table tray with sliding trays is very convenient. In addition, your breakfast will take place with a special style on the table with a growing red silk rose in the middle. The material for the countertops are very different. Surface of the ottoman coffee table tray can be made of various materials: artificial leather, glass, plywood, wood, polyurethane, and plastic. Tabletop tinted, colored and clear glass hardly scratched and easy to clean. The surface of the wood must be treated so as not to absorb moisture and odors. Desirably, it was covered with a heat-resistant lacquer, and edge countertop is high enough to prevent the dishes from falling. Frame legs and table handles are usually made of wood or metal tubing. Thus, the basis for this project was the table-top-tray that can be easily installed in a metal frame, becoming part of the table.

The basic idea of the project is to accelerate the service in cafes and restaurants. After all, just pick up dirty «tray» and put in its place a clean one is much faster than collecting the dishes and clean the table.

The ottoman coffee table tray has a number of recesses. The biggest one area forms the plate for the main course. A small, but the deep hole may contain a sauce or some fruit.

This tabletop is a bit like speckled cratered lunar surface.

Now the designer has already developed three different ottoman coffee table trays. In addition, over time, it is planned to produce such countertops made of different materials in different colors.

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