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In today’s market there is a huge variety of different designs of coffee tables, so to choose one is not a problem. However, something common unites them. For example, the height is usually in the range from 40 to 50 cm, thus, the higher it is, the smaller the table itself, means worktop and vice versa, the lower the height, the greater the table. Although, no doubt, there are exceptions to the rule — a model very low, barely rising above the floor.

In order to choose an oversized coffee table you should take into account the style of the product and room design, as well as its compliance with the harmonious interior room. The use of oversized coffee table is not limited to only a place for the press. In the bedroom it can serve as a bedside table or place for cosmetics, in the kitchen — as a serving table and in the living room it will replace the minibar or rack space for a small aquarium. Table size is selected depending on the room dimensions. The standard height of the coffee tables is about 45 cm. A more exact size should be chosen taking into account the height of the seat, which is located near the desk. The best option would be if the height of the table, there would be more seats for 3-cm. Oversized coffee table becoming popular again. They are very practical and comfortable, perfect for a friendly tea and a small buffet. In addition, if you have a place to put oversized coffee table, then you are very lucky: a piece of furniture would be a good addition. Of course, large tables full of feasts are not relevant here, given the modest size of the standard rooms. It also fit to folding tables. When folded, they do not take much space, but if you invite a group of friends, a table can be expanded, and then it would fit for all. They can be round or square and oval.

The first thing to notice is the design of the room itself, where oversized coffee table would be set. Yet it is important that the table is combined with other elements of furniture in the interior. The table is not only possible to buy into the living room, but the kitchen or the bedroom, which is very appropriate, and it will replace all the bedsides. Buying furniture for the living room, customers often choose glass tables, but modern designers pay attention to the coffee tables made of plastic; it is very stylish and practical. The classic version is wooden oversized coffee table, with proper care all the tables will serve for years.

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