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The coffee table is the central subject of almost any living room, and then he has to please the eye and pleasant to motivate guests of the house, creating a topic of conversation. However, as a rule, any old magazines or accidentally accumulated things decorate these tables. However, painted coffee table will make your living room even brighter and more attractive.

Restoration of furniture with his hands is becoming increasingly popular among creative people. Of course much more interesting to create a unique interior detail, rather than buy a factory «stamping», especially as the budget and crafts will not hit as buying new furniture.

Today we will try to figure out how to make an old coffee table contemporary inexpensively.

You need sandpaper, spray paint, glue, which you will stick tile, grout, trowel. The first thing we need to do is to clear the table of the old coating. Using sandpaper, you can sand the surface. Cleaning the surface does not hurt, even if you purchased a new painted coffee table, and want it a bit of spice. The paint is always better to go on the cleaned areas.

  • In order to evenly paint, use a spray, which is able to provide a light, translucent cover. The advantage of the spray consists in the fact that, through it, you can effectively paint the hard to reach places. The paint must dry for one night; leave the painted objects in a room with good ventilation.
  • After the basic restoration can safely move on to the next stage of work — decorating. Using a spatula, cover the surface of the adhesive layer. Instead, you can use a spatula plastic knife. When using glue you commit a mosaic, you will need to leave the table for another night to dry completely.
  • Before you start rubbing, be sure to cover the masking tape or duct tape edge, it will keep unspotted surface of the product.
  • The next stage — a masking tile joints using a special grout. You can apply this procedure to an ordinary trowel. Get rid of the residues will be comfortable using a damp sponge. Your new painted coffee table is ready to use!

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