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Coffee table is always a flight of fancy. There is virtually no restrictions on how the coffee table should look like, what design, shape, height and size it should have. This greatly simplifies the task, the main thing is that this piece of furniture need to fit harmoniously into the overall design of the room. However, many people want the coffee table was an original, exclusive, unique element of the interior. It is not necessary to search long for finished goods in the shops; you can make a table by your own hands. So we decided to do a round pedestal coffee table, we need only one leg. For its manufacturing take timber 50×50 mm and glue it along to each other. Foot of coffee table would have carved a shape resembling balusters for stairs. We attach laminated preform the desired profile on the lathe. Polishing the surface of the table legs.

Cut eyelets in the legs for fixing the supports — the side legs lateral legs of pedestal coffee table are cut from a single board only the required width and thickness of the bonding is not allowed; there should be no knots and cracks. Cut the work piece and carefully grind. Side legs should fit snugly into the eyelets main vertical feet. It is not necessary to fix the tabletop directly. In the process of thermal strains, it may crack along the seam. Therefore secure so-called crackers. Then, in the spider hole cut cutter them. Set on the countertop and leg with a crosspiece. For convenience, we turn the design of pedestal coffee table and arrangement of the elements align. Then insert the biscuits into the holes in the crosspiece and fasten crackers to the tabletop with screws. The pedestal coffee table is ready — you only open it with lacquer. For this, the surface of the entire product is ground again, and then stain applied, after drying again polished as necessary to remove raise the nap. Now you can spray the varnish. After drying varnish in normal conditions, you can use pedestal as a coffee table.

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