Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Tufted ottoman coffee table, as well as imitation of tufter, doesn’t go out of fashion for a long time: we often use it in traditional upholstered furniture, on the chest, stove, utensils. It could be seen everywhere with its parallel-perpendicular lines forming squares or rhombs correctly. Now, designers of furniture practically have abandoned the traditional pattern, being engaged in the search for more sophisticated creative options. In their reinterpretation of ancient art, modern designers have disagreed, and divided into two camps: some have kept stitching, giving up buttons and removing other joints, but some have using the idea of point-grooves.

Furniture designed by Patricia Urquiola is certainly quilted; the most spectacular and colorful model is tufted ottoman coffee table. Fine pattern can be seen on the models by Klara and Redondo for Moroso. On the chair of Gervasoni Nuvola by the designer Paola Navone line creates a relief effect and fluffy cloud of peculiar (the name of the model translates so).

Designer Inga Semp created a tufted ottoman coffee table and a sofa Ruche for Ligne Roset, inspired by women’s clothing. Effect of ruches has been created as follows: where traditional Capito lines should be crossed and strengthened, she let loose tissue collection. Pianca can see the same in models from Maarten Viccarbe and Isotta.

Design perfectly fits the new home environment, and thus will look great on the garden, patio or terrace. Giving warmth and comfort to your unforgettable picnics, cute summer evenings, as well as parties in the spacious garden, this couch gives the most pleasant emotions. At the same time the texture and thickness of the quilt, which has been used by the author of unusual design, provides a sufficiently high level of comfort of everyday use of this tufted ottoman coffee table.

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