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Modern designers are trying their every creation as much as possible to capture the imagination. Here are some ideas for the design of modern and unusual coffee tables.

It’s hard to tell which piece of furniture was awarded the first of the name «coffee table», where, when and by whom it was invented, but most people have this piece of furniture is associated with the brand Noguchi. For the first time in 1944, this unusual coffee table was made of natural materials in collaboration with Herman Miller’s table was simple, had a pleasant and versatile design simply and gradually became an indispensable attribute of any urban living room. Unusual coffee tables of Canadian company SIDD Fine Woodworking cause to think carefully before you put the mug on it. It is best to use for this stand. After all, every one master of domino made of SIDD for six weeks and is designated by the personal signature of the master. Any seating should be cozy, comfortable and harmonious.

Unusual coffee tables in the form of a boat from the Everything Nautical is a true masterpiece of 120 cm with removable paddles and a glass top. The design of table laid out in detail: the removable shelves allow to organize the space conveniently. It can be a place for books, shells and other souvenirs reminding about the rest. The continuation of the marine theme was unique tables Aquarium. Fish floating in the water not only decorate the room, but also helps to relax. The original table by Sean Ragan (Austin, State of Texas) is made of handmade tiles of the cobalt blue and lemon yellow hues. Table of 95 to 130 centimeters is the perfect complement to the living room, especially if the owners — fans of board games. Unusual coffee tables Futaba — the perfect way to save space in the room. If the guests suddenly came, and there is not enough space in the place, do not worry. The coffee table can be transformed into a comfortable double sofa effortlessly. Moreover, it can be also a sofa bed. The idea to sleep on the coffee table, seeming absolute fiction, is possible to make a reality.

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