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In Europe, coffee tables first appeared in the XIX century, in England. «Queen of the Seas» took over many of the traditions of its colonies, even the most extravagant. Initially, these were called coffee tables. They quickly became a fixture of the premises, owners who wished to emphasize their wealth and prestige. Then this furniture was considered a luxury.

To your attention – there is the original wooden Chinese coffee table in oriental style. It is handmade, decorated with very fine thread. Each of them will serve not just stand for magazines, but also one of the brightest ornaments of the room. The tabletop can be the whole picture or only side surface and the outer part of the legs.

Some models of Chinese coffee table — on the contrary, stressed concise and more suited to those who appreciate minimalism. Simple shapes, smooth and elegant lines — all of these tables shows that the landlord pays special attention to the elegance and style of furniture. For all its beauty Chinese coffee table is very durable. Chosen wood is durable and well tolerated humidity drops, so the product can serve the owner for dozens or hundreds of years.

Ascetic table is not in need of «residence permit», if your decor does not match the traditions of the East. Clean lines and no excess — the beautiful geometry of the coffee table in the Japanese style. The distinctive features should include low legs, as they have sofa beds and a east-style, (their height is different from the traditional somewhere 30 cm).

Take a look at the interior in the east style, where nothing is superfluous. Looking instantly falls on the Chinese coffee table, and it’s incredibly simple, as is common in the traditions of this country. The popularity of this style is gaining momentum. It is impossible not to note the fact that all in China is convenient, easy. In addition, this is always in demand. No bright colors, synthetics or plastics. In our time, it has become extremely fashionable all environmentally friendly. Wanting to follow the fashion, surround yourself with objects of east culture, it is considered a model of naturalness in everything.

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