How to Build a Coffee Table?

Coffee tables are usually placed near the sofa or chair because of the height they do not exceed 65 centimeters. The height of the coffee table should be exactly such, it was convenient to put on it unread book or magazine, and coffee service. If you are searching how to make a coffee table, we offer you instructions on how to assemble the classic coffee table with yours hands.

You can easily make coffee table by your own. For those who like to do everything with their hands, this process will seem very pleasant and fun.

Let’s start with a fairly popular lately direction — to make furniture for the garden and the house made of wooden pallets. By itself, the pan is almost ready coffee table. The tray can be painted or left in its natural form, mounted on wheels or small feet, tabletop is made of glass or plywood — there are plenty of options for how to make a coffee table with his hands from the tray. Unique coffee table with your hands, you can make the cut log or stump. Slice the logs should be cleaned and sanded, and can cover the surface of the logs or varnish paint. Grind the stump or a log can be placed directly on the floor or attach the wheels. Alternatively, a narrow slice of the log set on a round stool.

Wooden crates of fruit, vegetables or other items — versatile material to create furniture with his own hands. One box — this is a bedside table or stool, two — a small, but four is a large coffee table. Large coils of cable industry are rare, but the ideal preparation for a coffee table. However, if you are lucky enough to find a spool of cable, it is enough just to clean it and put it on the floor. Round coffee table with his hands ready! Of course, if desired, can be colored or still somehow decorate coil.

Coffee table with his hands — easy to do yourself, using the materials at hand, or buying accessories in a furniture store. How to make a coffee table? Now you know that this work is dust-free and takes no more than 2 days.

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