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Rustic coffee tables are very popular. They can not only be used for its intended purpose in the living room, but also as a remote table on the terrace or in the garden during the warmer months. Outwardly, it looks like this piece of furniture is reliable, a little bit old and rough. This country style and differs from other variants of furniture. To produce such a table can be very. To do this, you need to make accurate calculations and handle all components with hand tools. Of course, about the practicality of this coffee table is debatable and rustic furniture suitable housing is not for everyone — everything else in the interior should match it. However, what is beautiful — it is beautiful, but because just itching to make a coffee table with his hands for his own garden.

From carefully selected birch trunks thickness of 8-10 cm cut into 30 chocks of 45 cm and a thickness of 24 circle 3 centimeters — for countertops. Accurately and precisely to saw so many blanks manual hacksaw — a thankless task, and therefore the electric circular saw is for this at the time.

Along the perimeter of the box is attached to the PVA glue lumps harvested, and the bottom to the ground at a distance of about 2-3 cm from the edge, fasten furniture rollers.

The space between circles on the table coffee table should be filled with non-shrink filler for wood. Fillers should be applied gradually, with intermediate drying: no matter what quality was plastered, but the layer thickness of 3 cm, applied at one time, most likely crack. Once the plaster dries, it is advisable to walk on the surface of the table surface grinding machine: uneven worktop, perhaps, give rustic furniture natural, but to put anything on the coffee table is not particularly convenient. One of the most popular trend can be called a rustic coffee tables. Worn look and industrial parts perfectly combined to form a most unusual model tables. Several planks, nails, grinding — and a coffee table in a rustic style is ready.

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