Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Such a piece of furniture, as a coffee table, is present in any interior. However, the most affordable models tend to look template. There are also unique copies, but they most often are prohibitively expensive, and not every ordinary person can afford them. There is a way, and it is very simple — to make a table with your hands. The information how to do this will be discussed below. Remove the handles and other furniture accessories. If coffee table is polished, remove the polish with a special compound from the hardware store, observing all safety rules and instructions on the packaging.

If it’s painted furniture, the old paint must be processed until smooth with sandpaper. If the future shabby chic coffee table has not been painted, it is necessary to remove the top layer of fine sandpaper dirt, grease and other things, that over the years of furniture use fell on the surface (use a respirator for respiratory protection against dust and well ventilated room). All dust should be well cleaned vacuuming of the corners, and then wipe the furniture with a damp cloth and allow to dry. If the wood surface is too greasy, wash the shabby chic coffee table with soapy water and let it dry.

Begin painting shabby chic coffee table with antique furniture to the back (invisible) side. Then work your way to the front of the piece of shabby chic coffee table, causing the paint in broad strokes, leaving no streaks. After two coats of base paint, apply a light touch of dry brush in the right places a different color paint (good use of contrasting colors. This technique is called ‘dry brush’: dry brush gain some paint, wipe the brush with a dry cloth and apply a very thin layer of paint on pre-painted surface. The paint is applied in several layers of careless strokes in different directions, sandpaper between coats is not used. On the last layer of paint a transparent wax is applied for protection, and then a dark wax of aged effect is.

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