Solid Wood Coffee Table

Solid wood coffee table is usually made from birch or beech. In addition, a table can be made from solid oak, very strong and noble wood. Therefore, if you want to buy a solid wood coffee table, which would have served for a decade, you just won’t find a better material than oak. Also in the manufacture of such tables are widely used furniture finishing material as artificial stone.

They decorated the legs and tabletop. Recently, among the buyers is very popular coffee table with glass top. Used in its manufacture, anti-shattering tempered glass, can withstand large mechanical loads. Many shops offer just such a model, strong and durable. However, despite the excellent consumer characteristics, their prices are quite accessible to the common person. Buy a solid wood coffee table with a solid glass top can be quickly and without having the entire amount at the hands of as many manufacturers provide interest-free installments for furniture. Let us briefly enumerate the main advantages of wooden tables.

Excellent performance. Soundly made wooden solid wood coffee table faithfully serve for decades and thus, almost without losing their aesthetic qualities. Moreover, in contrast to, for example, the glass or its colleagues, it is relatively easy to restore. The latter is important, because, for example, a kitchen table made of wood is experiencing high operating loads.

Excellent appearance. Wooden tables look solid. It is true aristocrats of the apartment. In addition, most importantly, over the years, they only add to his reputation. Of course, we are talking about quality, made by all the rules articles. So buy a wooden dining table of good quality — and make this kind of contribution to your children.

The ability to give the table a variety of forms. Of course, oval, circular or other shape can be given countertop and glass or plastic table. However, frilly legs, threaded, with amazing smooth transition can be made only of wood.
High functionality. Tree allows you to create the most incredible design — sliding and folding tables. Thus, for example, a solid wood coffee table for two people can be turned into a luxury banquet table for 6-8 persons.

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