Wood Slab Coffee Table

There is the rich variety of coffee tables. They may be round, square and oval, they can be decorated with carvings or carved inserts, have a glass countertop. In catalog of many online shops, you can find unique pieces of wooden coffee tables. In addition, wood is a material that lends itself to wonderful color. There is wood slab coffee table made in dyeing «bleached oak», «cherry», «wenge», «ivory» etc. Under extreme external factors (temperature change, humidity) solid wood furniture expands or shrinks, and this can lead to cracking of the wood fibers.

Many manufacturers use this technique to avoid «flexible fixing», wherein the surface of articles are joined by bolted joints or brackets, which impart the necessary flexibility and elasticity of the structure. It allows a wooden furniture to respond to changes in the environment without damage. In any case, it is recommended not to expose the surface of wood slab coffee table to direct sunlight or heat sources. Decoration of any interior wood can serve as a wood slab coffee table made of solid wood in exclusive way, this process is the most time consuming and expensive.

It is important to choose the right table not only by style, color and form, but also pay attention to the materials from which it is made. The best option has for centuries considered a wood slab coffee table. Beautiful natural texture of the furniture would be an additional decoration for the drawing room, and a pleasant aroma and smoothness of wood could give you a feeling of lightness and warmth. Natural materials are also important because often we drink coffee behind the wood slab coffee table; here we offer wine and snacks to the guests. The table at which we take food every day certainly should be environmentally friendly and safe, so you can buy a leather sofa and get an interior harmony. Purchase only quality and organic coffee tables — do not skimp on your health!

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